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Reduce inflammation, support your brain and feel healthier than you ever thought possible. Eating healthy is like putting on glasses you didn’t know you needed, every day is more clear, and more enjoyable.

Why Keto

Keto is a confusing new “fad” to many people when in reality it is just the new leading edge of science and health. The two main things you look at when deciding on if something is “Keto” or not is; “will this help or hurt my brain” and “does this spike insulin and cause inflammation”.

These two questions have led many people to the low carb high fat diet due to its benefits in both reducing insulin and helping with brain development and repair.

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Have a large family or event and don’t feel like stressing over making food? No worries! Contact us today and our team will be happy to assist you in creating a menu for your event that works for your dietary needs.

If you are feeding just your family, having a party or event sometimes different diet restrictions and picky eaters can make you want to pull your hair out trying to make everyone happy.
All of our menu options are available for family style portions and can be customized to suit specific dietary needs. Don’t see your favorite dish? Contact our team today and we will work with you to re-create a specific dish for your event. Don’t want to buy a full family size for one person? Add on single meals from our normal menu to ensure that everyone is full and happy!

Meal Prep

Have a busy schedule and don’t feel like stressing over making food? Interested in starting the keto diet and not sure how to start? No worries! Contact us today and our team will be happy to assist you in creating a meal prep plan that works for your dietary needs and your goals.

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We are here to support our community and would love to hear from you! Trouble with your order process? Issue with your delivery? Recipe recommendation or a cooking tip to try for our specials? We are here to help and would love to hear your requests!



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The Keto Diet is a low carb, moderate protein, and high fat eating lifestyle that brings the body into a state of ketosis (this is when the body is able to burn excess fat for energy–this supports mitochondrial health and reduces inflammation and insulin response) Our chef uses high quality products and precise measurements to ensure a well balanced, perfectly portioned meal that allows you to  enjoy flavors and food options that are traditionally higher in carbs

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