Our Story

A team of local business owners dedicated to the health of our community and committed to offering foods that support brain health and reduce inflammation.

Our journey started almost three years ago. This may seem like a short amount of time to some and a long time to others. Many people say that the Keto Diet is not sustainable for long periods of time. We fully believe that is not the case, in fact we do not consider Keto as a diet, for us it is a lifestyle

keto kitchen about us
keto kitchen about us

Our founder began this journey alone and slowly we all saw the benefits and amazing life changes that resulted, from there was a slow build into the community we have today. We have an amazing team of individuals who have chosen this path for their own individual reasons. Some chose this lifestyle for weight loss sure, but most of us have seen many other benefits such as boosted memory, clarity and sense of purpose. Others have seen inflammation benefits such as reduced allergies and decreased bloating.

Keto is a low carb diet of course but the main two questions we ask ourselves every time we eat are; does this help or hurt my brain, and does this cause inflammation. These two questions are the foundation of our daily eating choices, enabling us to choose ourselves over the current climate of money and convenience over health.

keto kitchen about us

Our time with the keto diet has taught us a lot about nutrition and what eating nutrient dense food is all about. The joy we had with family and friends over the past couple of years doing this journey is what brought us here today, and why we wanted to share this journey with everyone, especially our community. We want this kitchen to serve the health of the people who want to eat delicious food and still be healthy and happy, no matter which diet works to your preference.

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