A local business owner dedicated to the health of our community and committed to offering foods that support brain health and reduce inflammation.

Hi my name is Mo, I am the founder of The Keto Kitchen. I started this kitchen because I wanted to change the food lifestyle that many individuals have both here in America and around the world. The eating choices that we make everyday are leading to weight issues and consequently health issues. I believe that this is both the companies and the consumers’ responsibility so I have made it possible to eat healthy and give people an alternative to eat good food and get in great shape.

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I knew if I wanted to run my businesses the right way I had to change my health. I decided to learn about healthy eating and what I needed to do to make the difference I needed. I came across the keto diet and was very skeptical about it at first because all I had been taught is don’t eat fat it’s bad for you! Well I continued to learn and read more and more and I ate fat and lost weight! CRAZY RIGHT?

As time went on and the weight was coming off friends, family, and coworkers started to notice my transformation and they were in disbelief that I was losing weight this fast. The people at the gym were completely amazed. A couple of friends joined this journey and they also had an amazing experience.

My time with the keto diet has taught me a lot about nutrition and what eating nutrient dense food is all about. The joy I had with family and friends over the past couple of years doing this journey is what brought me here today, and why I wanted to share this journey with my everyone, especially my community. I want this kitchen to serve the health of the people who want to eat delicious food and still be healthy and happy!